2014 From President Mark Hunter

Message from: Mark Hunter, President of Ohio Judo, Inc.

December 28th, 2013

Happy New Year!

I wanted to touch base with everyone with the status of Ohio Judo, Inc. I wanted to share the goals for 2014. Last year was a great year for the Ohio Judo, Inc. and I am looking forward to serving as President for another year.

In September 2014, we will be having a election to elect new members to the Board of Directors. I would encourage everyone to think about serving on the Board. It is very rewarding to serve the Judo Players in the State of Ohio. 

We invested over $10,000.00 in new mats in 2013. The mats we had were becoming unsafe to use and were in the need of replacement. This was huge investment for Ohio Judo. These mats will be used at all events hosted by Ohio Judo. These mats are easier to store, set-up, and to tear-down at events. These mats also are part of the MAT RENTAL PROGRAM that Ohio Judo offer to clubs. If your club is interested in renting these mats for your events please contact a member of the Board. In 2014, we will be looking into purchasing new Scoring System. This new System will be easy to update and to run at events.

We are focusing on working with other Judo State Organizations. We are working on a Project with other State Judo Leaders to develop a program which will help everyone in Judo. Kevin Brennan, Frances Glaze, and Paul Jordan is on this project. They are attending phone meetings once a month with other State Judo Leaders. Neil Simon is the Project Chairman. More details will be roll out when they become available.

We need to start focusing on the Social Media more in 2014. Our Web Site just isn't working the way it should be and it is very hard for 1 person to keep it updated. This is where we need everyone help. Kevin Brennan is looking to update the entire Web Site in 2014. We will be converting the Web Site to a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS system (JOOMLA) has a lot advantage to it. The biggest advantage of this will be multiple contributors. (Currently, the site is simple HTML.) Advantages: 1. Allow multiple contributors (no delays for posting information or events. Any authorized user can post.) 2. Maintain an email list. This will allow people to "opt in" to the list and receive updates (not just those on Facebook.) 3. Allow Paypal donations to be made. 4. Sell Ohio Judo t-shirt and sweatshirts. (Paypal, maybe credit cards.) 5. Survey people - as in "who will attend this event?" 6. Event registration (we may use a separate service for this, similar to AGC.) Including prepayment. 7. Allow contributors to post their own: A. Events. B. Galleries. C. Posts/Blog activity.

In closing, I have only 10 months left to serves as your President and I hope during this time we will reach the goals we have set in place for 2014. We will be having our 1st meeting for 2014 on January 11th, 2014 at 4:15PM after the Joint Workout in Findlay, Ohio. I hope to see everyone there!

For a Great 2014, Mark Hunter

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