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SPECIAL NOTE:  This training program has been modified to incorporate the 2018 rule changes. 

1) This material is still under construction.  Additional videos and other info will be added/modified.  Check back often.
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Special notes and codes used in this presentation: Bold print indicates current IJF Rules (official text).  When you click on a link to an external source, the best way to return to this training program is to close the link.  Some of the videos take some time (up to several minutes) to download (please be patient).


I.       Introduction
A.   Purpose of the Course
B.   Methods of Instruction
C.   Limitations

II.     The Rules (Articles 1-14)
A.  Article 1 - Competition Area
B.  Article 2 - Equipment
C.  Article 3 - Judo Uniform (Judogi)

D.  Article 4 – Hygiene
E.  Article 5 - Referees and Officials
F.  Article 6 - Position & Function of the Referee
G.  Article 7 - Position & Function of the Judges
H.  Article 8 - Gestures
I.  Article 9 - Location (Valid Areas)
J.  Article 10 - Duration of the Contest
K.  Article 11 - Time Out/Sono-mama/Mate
L.  Article 12 - Time Signal
M.  Article 13 - Osaekomi Time
N.  Article 14 - Technique coinciding with the Time Signal

III.    The Rules (Articles 15-19)
A.  Article 15 - Start of the Contest
B.  Article 16 - Entry into Newaza

C.  Article 17 - Application of Mate
D.  Article 18 - Sono-mama
E.  Article 19 - End of Contest

IV.   The Rules (Articles 20-23)
A.  Article 20 - Ippon
B.  Article 21 - Waza-ari
  (Per 2017 Rule Changes: all scores that previously were "Yuko" are now awarded "Waza-ari")
C.  Article 22 - Waza-ari-awasete-Ippon
D.  Article 23 - Osaekomi-waza

V.     The Rules (Article 24)
A.  Article 24 - Prohibited Acts and Penalties

VI.    The Rules (Articles 25-27)
A.  Article 25 - Default and Withdrawal
BArticle 26 - Injury, Illness or Accident
C.  Article 27 - Situations not Covered by the Rules

VII.    Referee Standards
A.   Code of Conduct
B.   Referee Interaction with Others

VIII.    Referee Development
A.   Personal Referee Development Plan
B.   Advancing in Referee Certification Levels
C.   Referee Exam Evaluation Criteria

IX.   Additional Reference Materials
A.  Safe Sport Program
B.  Basic Referee Booklet
C.  Chief Referee Manual
D.  IJF Description of Rule Changes (video Jan. 2014)
E.  2015 IJF Referee-Coach Conference - Malaga, Spain (video)
F.  2016 IJF Referee-Coach Conference - Tokyo, Japan (video)
G.  2017 IJF Referee-Coach Conference - Baku, Azerbaijan (video) 
H.  2017 IJF Ref-Coach Seminar (Baku) - USA Judo Final Report
I.  IJF Rules (2017-2020 Changes) with USA Judo Implementation Comments
J.  2018 IJF Ref-Coach Seminar (Mittersil, Austria) Part 1 (You Tube)
K.  2018 IJF Ref-Coach Seminar (Mittersil, Austria) Part 2 (You Tube)

L.  Explanatory Guide for the 2018 IJF Rule Changes (Jan. 19, 2018 Version)
M. IBSA Refereeing Rules (for Visually Impaired and/or Deaf Judoka) as of 5/16/18


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