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  Kettering Rec Center Judo Club
2900 Glengarry Drive
Kettering, OH

Member of Ohio Judo, Inc. and USA Judo

Contact Info:

Chief Instructor and Webmaster:
Russ Scherer
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The purpose of the KRC Judo Club is to provide instruction and training opportunity in the sport of Judo and the application of its philosophies to develop individuals who will be positive influences on their families and their communities.

Principles of Judo - 1)  Maximum efficiency
                           2)   Mutual welfare and benefit

Ultimate Goal of Judo - The harmonius development and eventual perfection of human character



Shudokan Club

 This is Jim Linnane's club's 1 page mini-site.  KPB 1/2/14. 






Shudokan Judo Club
Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Shudokan Judo Club meets every Monday & Wednesday 7 to 8:30 PM at the Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton St.  Yellow Springs, Ohio.

For further information call James Linnane at 937-342-0456.













Sensei Linnane began Judo in 1950 at the Springfield, Ohio YMCA.  National Judo was in its infancy and competent instructors were rare.  The first sign of organized Judo Tournaments in Ohio were Judo tournaments run at Ohio State Univ. by Don Speakman starting in1956.

Sensei Linnane is a registered member of USA JUDO, the National governing body for Judo in the USA.  He was promoted to Black Belt in Judo in 1962 and is a Black Belt in the Shingitai Jujitsu. 

He has played in several National Championships along with many local and regional tournaments, the 1964 Olympic Trials in New York; many Kata tournaments, and also referees many tournaments.  In 1980, the Springfield YMCA closed and the Judo team subsequently moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

A few of the more outstanding players to emerge from our team were Stan Conner, Tim & Tom Jones, Mike Lancaster and Rhonda Morrell-Pruitt. 

The Shudokan Judo Club meets every Monday & Wednesday 7 to 8:30 PM at the Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton St.  Yellow Springs, Oh.  We conduct classes in the gymnasium for ages 14 and up. 

For further information call James Linnane at 937-342-0456.


Tim & Tom Jones

Joyce taught Judo classes to young students at the Springfield YMCA and YWCA.  She became famous for her skill and leadership in setting up the brackets and draws at many local and national Judo tournaments.  Her husband Dick Edwards also worked many tournaments.


Joyce Edwards
Merritt Stevens


1971 National Champs - St. Louis, MO
Kata Overall

Judy Baker & Linda Stoops
Coach Jim Linnane

Head Instructor:  Brett Hauber



Club Advisor:  James Linnane

7th Degree Black Belt




Matt Tracy

Micah Berner

Tom Lewis

Pat Roegner















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