Executive Committee Members & Standing Committee Chairs

Executive Committee Members  (2019-2020)

     President - Russ Scherer
     Vice-President - Michael Mooney
     Secretary - Laura Suzuki
     Treasurer - Dominic Backowski
     Operations Director - Eric Strohecker
     Development Director - Ray Smith
     Standards & Certification Director - Mark Curry
     Law & Legislation Director - John Shriver
     Athlete Rep #1 - Aaron Handy
     Athlete Rep #2 - Stephanie Tomlin

Standing Committee Chairs

     Referee Chair - Russ Scherer
     Promotion Board Chair - Ray Smith

Agenda/Minutes - BoD and Executive Committee

Minutes, Presidential Notes, etc.


Board of Directors Meetings - Agendas/Minutes

      2014-05-10 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
      2014-09-20 Board of Directors Election Results
      2016-12-03 Summary of OJI Board of Directors Meeting 12-3-16 
      2017-03-18 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
     2018-06-24 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
     2018-09-23 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Election Results


Executive Committee Meetings - Agendas/Minutes

     2015-01-31 Summary of OJI Exec Com Meeting 1-31-15
     2017-01-14  Minutes of OJI Exec Com Meeting 1-14-17      2017 Budget (as of 1/15/17)

Presidential Notes

     2017-01-01 OJI Presidential Notes
    2017-02-01 OJI Presidential Notes
    2017-03-10 OJI Presidential Notes
    2017-04-01 OJI Presidential Notes
     2017-05-10 OJI Presidential Notes
     2017-11-23 OJI Presidential Notes
     2017-12-22 OJI Presidential Notes
     2018-01-09 OJI Presidential Notes
    2018-02-15 OJI Presidential Notes
    2018-02-21 OJI Presidential Notes Extra Edition
    2018-05-01 OJI Presidential Notes    
     2018-06-01 OJI Presidential Notes
     2018-07-01 OJI Presidential Notes
    2018-11-12 OJI Presidential Notes
    2018-12-22 OJI Presidential Notes
    2019-01-15 OJI Presidential Notes
    2019-02-17 OJI Presidential Notes
    2019-04-18 OJI Presidential Notes


Kata Standards & Videos

Kata Videos (on the Judo Information Site)

Nage-no-kata  -  Standards

Katame-no-kata  -  Standards

Misc Promo Ideas & Efforts

New Section Added to OJI Website - Misc. Info for Promotion of Judo



The following Ideas, Efforts, Reference Material, etc. are provided for use by member clubs and others to promote Judo and your club.  Articles listed here generally do not fall into specific other categories on the Ohio Web Site.

Special Summer Package Program Announcement by Buckeye Judo Club


Special Recognition Programs

Special Recognition Programs

     OJI Scholars Program

     Judoka, Clubs and Activities Highlighted on the OJI web site Home Page

     OJI Annual Awards Program
          Program Description
          Past Award Recipients

     OJI Hall of Fame Program
          Program Description
          Past Inductees


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